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Alone Again. Naturally.

After being abused by Kirsty Kummings’s "friend" yesterday, which lapsed into homophobia, i find that I have been removed as a friend…. Now that’s what I call manipulation..
Chatting up an attractive woman sure brings out the worst in some of her friends..Why do some people not like you to move forward? Because they fear they will be left behind..

Cheer up?

Today, i was told to cheer up!
First, be abandoned at birth, adopted by an abuser, locked under the stairs, half-drowned in the bath and made to bang your head on a wall. Then, have your abusive mother die of cancer and spend 20 years as a homeless alcoholic… Then you will see that "cheer up" doesn’t cut it…
FROM GERMANY. Why? It’s not dangerous in bloody germany..
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