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Thanks Mum.

I have just survived 3 weeks without any benefit, still had a tenner. Borrowed zilch. Jack is witholding love as a punishment. Bit thin. Mustn’t grumble. Ho hum.

How stupid are the police?

In february i was arrested for harrassing a girl who produced documents stating that she was 4.5 months pregnant…. This kept her boyfriend out of gaol, for threatening to kill me. 6.5 months later still no baby. Is that not perjury and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Wake up coppers!
When did salmon become "basic" and why have sainsbury’s basic bread, butter and eggs risen in price by almost 100% in 2 years?
If flour is made from wheat and other grain, is it legal for "bread" to contain soya -a bean- and still be called bread?
Are they the same thing. Perhaps a Programming Language or source code. Discuss
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