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The Apocryphal Baby…

There is now  a rumour that this non-existent baby is mine…
1.There is no baby . it is easy to get someone else to do a piss test and a scan…..
2. I told her I would not do anything to her,whilst she was still with Darren.
I love my love a little less today,
if love can be diminished and it can.
for my love died a little yesterday,
when I saw my lover with another man.
off-blog, I have long been predicting the appearance of the Third Man…….
The Screen play reads thus..
Woman with bullying abusive partner, uses a second man to get rid of the bully.
All the time planning to return to the Third Man, an ex-boyfriend….
I saw Hannah and a third man in an estate agents in Richmond on saturday.
She returned to the Estate to try and tell people that I was accusing someone else of fathering the baby………
For if I am percieved as a liar who would believe in the third man.
And Yet now all I can see is her hand raised against me for the first time.


The Bully <darren peter walker> is up for sentencinng more later….And I have Jack tomorrow.
I do not resent my Karma, I am grateful for it 
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