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(CNN) — History in the making was how many international
newspapers viewed Barack Obama’s emergence as Democratic presidential
candidate, with the focus on his status as the first ever
African-American to win the ticket.


Newspapers described Obama as a "political giant slayer."

Even before Hillary Clinton admitted defeat in the hard-fought contest,
some publications were already dissecting her failed campaign,
analyzing where it went wrong and what the future has in store for her
political dynasty.

Tuesday’s win "confirms Obama’s reputation as
a political giant-slayer, who after less than four years in the U.S.
Senate brought down the couple credited with creating the Democrats’
most powerful political machine," the Guardian newspaper wrote.

The Chinese Xinhua news agency marveled at how "one year ago, it was
very hard to imagine that Obama, a young politician without a strong
political base and little known to the public can defeat Hillary
Clinton, the heir-apparent of the Democratic Party."

The Times of London saw Obama‘s victory as evidence that "the United States remains a land of opportunity."

"This moment’s significance is its resounding proof of the truism about
America as a land of opportunity: Mr Obama’s opportunity to graduate
from Harvard and take Washington by storm," it wrote.

It said
his victory also demonstrates "the opportunity that the world’s most
responsive democratic system gives its voters to be inspired by an
unknown; the opportunity that outsiders now have to reassess the
superpower that too many of them love to hate.

"Win or lose in
November, he will have gone farther than anyone in history to bury the
toxic enmity that fueled America’s civil war and has haunted it ever

The Financial Times opened a post-mortem on Clinton‘s campaign, indicating that her defeat was not about her shortcomings but about Obama’s political potency.

"Analysts will spend years poring over the reasons for Mrs Clinton’s failed bid and probably never reach consensus," it wrote.

"But almost everyone, including some members of her own staff, would
agree that the former first lady’s campaign looked old-fashioned next
to that of Barack Obama."

The Independent newspaper, however,
placed the blame on "loyal husband" Bill Clinton who "more than anyone
sabotaged his wife’s chances by airing too many outspoken opinions on
the way."

But the paper hinted the Clintons may still have another shot at the White House — although it could be a few years away.

"Hillary has been beaten. Bill has dishonored himself. And Chelsea?
Chelsea need have no regrets. She may be the candidate that brings the
family back to the campaign trail again. But that drama is for another
decade." The French newspaper Le Monde also
examined Bill Clinton’s role in Hillary’s failure. The former president
was both her greatest asset and her worst, the paper said, delivering a
blunt assessment of her campaign with an emphatic: "C’est fini."

IPCC to probe Waterloo stabbing
4:10pm BST 
(Reuters) – The police watchdog asked Scotland Yard on Wednesday to
hand over details of the case of the 15-year-old schoolgirl stabbed to
death near Waterloo station in London to allow it to investigate a
complaint that officers had failed to protect her. 
Full Article

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Residents in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta,
braced for further flooding after a high tide of over 2 metres resulted
in flooding in parts of the city on Wednesday.

in the capital, home to more than 10 million people, had prepared for
the unusually high tides with sand bags and wire netting filled with
stones following a warning by the World Bank.

Tide waters swamped
areas near the coast for a few hours overnight, leaving hundreds of
people stranded in their homes. But the main highway leading to the
airport, which has suffered from flooding on previous occasions, was
not affected.

The water has receded, but officials say they expect the waters to rise again tonight.

The flooding was the result of a high tide cycle that occurs
once every 18 years or so, when the sun and moon are in direct
alignment and are closest to the earth.

A Jakarta Public Works
Agency official said they expect a 2.06-metre to 2.09-metre water rise
later on Wednesday adding that the high tide is expected to last until
June 7.

By Maggie Shiels

BBC News, Silicon Valley

Google conference

Google says that its privacy policy is easy to find

Privacy groups are accusing Google of violating California law in
its reluctance to provide a direct link to its privacy policy on its

The search engine giant is being asked to write the word "privacy" alongside other information links.

"It’s a short, seven-letter word and in the world of privacy it’s a
very important word," said Beth Givens of Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Google says its policy is easy to find and it gives "accessible information".

‘Not rocket science’

The issue has been building momentum following a series of blogs
in the New York Times questioning Google’s compliance with the
California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003.

The law requires any commercial website that collects personal
information about its users to "conspicuously post its privacy policy
on its website".

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