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By Andrew Luck-Baker

BBC Radio 4, Palau

The spawning at its peak (BBC)

Dense rafts and slicks of pink coalesced all around the boat

The annual mass spawning of corals on the Palau archipelago in the western Pacific has occurred right on cue.

With Sunday night’s full moon, coral polyps let forth a huge swathe of sperm and egg, to seed the next generation.

The event was short-lived – only about 30 minutes – but so vast in its scale that it turned the sea water pink.

Scientists from Palau, Australia and the UK are studying the
practicality of collecting coral larvae to help restore damaged reefs

See what a mass spawning at Palau looks like (


Grace Wang was interviewed by RFA/Cantonese reporter Ho Shan in her dorm room, at Duke University, on April 17.

Chinese student who sparked outrage among Chinese nationals who say she
sided with Tibetans at a Duke University campus protest says a public
apology letter purportedly written by her father is a fake.

wasn’t written by them. I have been in touch with my parents. They told
me very clearly that it wasn’t written by them,” Grace Wang, 20, from
Qingdao, told RFA’s Mandarin service. “I don’t know who wrote it.”

sure. They were very clear about that. They also said they knew I would
never do anything to betray my country,” Wang said. “They said that
they were just lying low, waiting in silence for the coming of spring,
as it were, until everyone had calmed down a bit and could take a
different view of the matter.”

Sun Apr 20, 2008 11:59 PM BST14

By Eric Olsen

ANN ARBOR, Michigan (Reuters) – The Dalai Lama
on Sunday urged the world to work for a sustainable planet while
pro-China demonstrators accused him of lying about the turmoil in his

There were no arrests among the 300 to 400 people who
showed up outside his speech at a University of Michigan sports arena
where the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader spoke to about 8,300 people
in an Earth Day-themed lecture.

demonstrators repeatedly chanted "Dalai Liar!" and cheered when a plane
circled overhead trailing a large banner reading "Dalai Please Stop
Attacking Olympic Flame."

The vast majority of the demonstrators appeared to be of Chinese
ancestry and wore white shirts emblazoned with "Support Beijing
Olympics 2008" and red shirts printed with the Chinese flag.

"Tibet Belongs to China and So Do I" read one sign in the crowd.

has accused the 72-year-old Dalai Lama of being behind March 14 riots
in Lhasa and unrest that followed in other ethnic Tibetan areas, as
part of a bid for Tibetan independence and to ruin the coming Olympic

The Dalai Lama has said he wants autonomy for Tibet, not a
separate state, and has denied he orchestrated the unrest, which China
says killed 19 people. Exiled Tibetans have given a far higher death

A teenager has been found dead in a Welsh county hit by a spate of suicides.

Police said the 19-year-old male was found in Bettws, near the town of Bridgend, South Wales, at 7.30am on Sunday morning.

Inspector Marion Stevenson said: "There do not appear to be any suspicious circumstances and an investigation is under way."

He is believed to be the 19th person to have taken their lives in Bridgend since the beginning of 2007.

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