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Name your demons. The simple act of naming that which is inherent in our lives, is in itself catharsis. When Anger arises , due to an attack on ones ego, if you are mindful, the act of saying , "This,is anger, due to an attack upon my "self"", robs anger of it’s potency.
You must cosset your dark-self and drag it kicking and screaming, into the light where you can see it’s substance. Get to know your fundemental DARKNESS, thus in knowing yourself you can best serve others.

In Loving Memory..

Jean Ann Pick 1935-2007.
For over 20 years Jean treated me as family.When every-one else had given up on me , she was there and she helped me to change mylife and I loved her for it. This is from a piece of Daily Guidance from the dayJean died it is called the Teachers Prayer.
let me be more of a mother, than the mother herself , in my love and defense of the child who is not flesl-of-my-flesh. Let me leave in him or her my most melodious melody for that time when my own voice can no longer sing.
Jack is on half term and i have him for 2 days…….

jack and me.

this is the first week-end i have jack from friday pm to sunday pm.  Hurray
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