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What purpose is served by the presence of some distant Heaven, That cannot equally be served by the living of a peaceful life? What far off Eden, Demi-paradise can equal the sleep of those with a light conscience? A self-imposed morality is more powerful than any man-made law. What could be better than Happiness Now ?
Mindfulness of the Eye is Good. Where the Eye lingers the poisons of Lust or Aversion are Manifest.
Mindful of my hand, I will not Steal.
Mindful of my Feet, I will not stumble.
Mindful of my Self I will not Judge.
Mindful of my mouth I will not mumble.
Aaarghh,teeth Ooooh……..

Today ……

Today I find I have little of import to impart, as it were. I would like to offer my condolences to the Newell Family, on the sad passing of Ruth on Friday.
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