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Mindfulness of the Eye is Good. For where the eye lingers, Desire is manifest. We covet that which we see every day.
Hands up all those who can think of a better way to spend 30 Billion Pound, than trident……Everyone in the world could have 3 pound for a start.
In our society, with all these young men demanding Respect, perhaps it is time to discuss some mis-conceptions.
1. You cannot demand Respect. Respect is Earned and Commanded, not demanded. You can  however demand Fear.
2. Respect and Fear are not the same thing.
If you want to command respect, be Respectful. Respect is earned by what you will not do, Fear by lack of Restraint. Who wants to be remembered as a Bully and how many of us deserve the respect of those we love.

No to Trident!!!!!

‘Nuff Said?

My Friend Jean Pick

Two weeks ago, my friend Drew’s mother, Jean Anne Pick was diagnosed with lung cancer. It is widespread and in-operable, there may be some hope for chemo-therapy.
Now this woman and her son supported me when my life was shit….They housed, fed and treated me as one of the family. They helped me to turn my life around.
And Jean has cared for her son, Drew and his schizophrenia for thirty-eight years. With Nothing. Without complaining. She is a Buddha. And if there is somewhere good to go to, she is going.
Yet, Death is a part of life, not it’s opposite.The lift simply stops at a different floor…..
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