With the advent of the third young man to be killed by shooting in London this week, the Government has rounded on "Errant Fathers", particularly in the Black Community. Whilst I would admit that the influence of a nurturing father figure or the lack of one, goes a long way to affecting the mental and social skills and stability of our young children. let me dispell some bunkum and cut to the heart of the matter……
The problem is "Guns on our Streets". Regardless of how well or not , our children are brought up, as long as they have access to guns, people will continue to be shot. If the Police and the Government deal with how guns are becoming more and more available, instead of Laying Blame , I for one would be a lot happier.
If John Reid had less to say about fathers and a little more action, about for instance, souveniers of the Gulf War brought home as trophies by our own Soldiers, perhaps we could all sleep a little safer in our beds…….
You Cannot Shoot People If You don’t Have A Gun !