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Jack and I.

last Week I saw Jack in his school play and received his first school photos.


About a year ago I made an entry on wikipedia, on the subject of  "Tathagata" the honorific used by the Buddha to refer to himself. it is subsequently so adulterated and the discussions were so patronising, pedantic and slanderous, I have decided to comment here.
The reason for my original entry – there not being one- was I disputed the translation of Tathagata as "Thus come one". Tathagata can in no way have any sense of the verb "to come", Gata is the past participle of the verb "gam" – to go. And is often used in the manner of "Being in, with no prior movement", so in fact the nearest english equivalent would have to be "So Transported". Used in the context of a stream enterer, it would at the very least mean "thus gone" to the other side. Thus the context is highly important and an understanding of Buddhist thought is imperative.I pasted The following quote to prove my point- Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, Bodhi, svaha. ie Gone , gone , gone beyond, gone far beyond, enlightenment, wow, and included the reference for the translation, which was Christmas Humphreys. And the pedants had the misfortune to lable this quote and myself as being from Zen Buddhism……How quaint and how far from the truth. This quote is in fact from the Dharani (Spell)section of the Lotus Sutra, the highest teaching of the entire Mahayana Canon……
Perhaps if the plonkers and pedants spent more time studying and less time on attempted one-up-man-ship, their ignorance would be less blatant.
As a student of Buddhism for over 20 years and as someone who is currently learning Sanskrit, I believe I speak with no little authority…….The entry also refers to the Buddha  as a "Messiah", a purely Judeo-Christian epithet, which could hardly be less appropriate, for The Buddha invites us not to come and be saved but to "Come and See".
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