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Any-one can Change……..

It is with deep gratitude and in the spirit of Honin-myo (from this moment onwards), that I write today………
Yesterday in family court, Jack’s mother, Sarah and I finally reached  a place where we could, with the aid of the Cafcass officer Jane Walton, arrive at an "Order by Consent". That is, we have agreed the following without recourse to the court’s Judgement. I will have Jack on every wednesday , when I will collect him from school and drop him at the end of the road at 6 o’clock. every other week-end I will have jack from 12 o’clock saturday ’til 12 o’clock sunday. Christmas I will get a day with Jack, to fit in with his sister seeing her father. And I get to have Jack for two hours this saturday in lieu of his birthday on sunday.
This is in no small part, thanks to the continued support, on both sides from members of the Buddhist Community of the S.G.I (Soka-Gakkai International.) and is reflection of the power of the Practise in general and Buddhist Courses in particular.
I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Sarah. And to aknowledge the extreme difficulty we BOTH faced in attempting to put the past DOWN and do what is best for our child, Jack……(But as I said "Any-one can Change.)

Challenge from a Wise Demoness

I am the venerable one who has renounced Samsara;
I am the Noble son of my Guru;
In me are stored the precious teachings;
A Buddhist with great sincerity and devotion am I.
I am the yogi who percieves the essence of being;
I am like a mother to all sentient beings;
I am a man who has courage and perseverance,
The holder of the spirit of Gautama Buddha.
I am the one who always adheres to kindness;
with great compassion I have subdued all evil thoughts,
I am the one who stays in the cave of Linba,
who practises meditation without distraction.
Do you think you are happy now ? You confused and wretched Hag!
If you have not found happiness it is your own fault.
Beware! Your clinging to ego is greater than yourself;
Pay heed! Your emotions are stronger than yourself.
Oh, Specter, your vicious will is far wickeder than yourself;
Your habitual-thought is more characteristic than yourself;
Your ceaseless mental-activity is more frantic than yourself!
To maintain the existence of a Ghost,
Only brings about mischief;
To understand the non-existence of a ghost;
Is the way of Buddha;
To know that ghost and reality are one
Is the way to Liberation.
Knowing that the ghosts are all one’s parents
Is the right understanding;
Realising that the ghost is self-mind
Is glory supreme.
You will become emancipated from all fetters
If you realise the truth that I have stated;
This is my instruction to you, Demoness.
(The Lotus Fragrance Ch8 v .48)

Hi Jack…..

This is Jack….
Jack has a new bike….
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