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No-self was there, to guide me hence.
I looked for my directions in the Law.
Karma made me look across the fence.
And led my feet unbidden to the door.

No ship was there, to bring me here.
No mast, no sail, no straining man-at-oar.
Walking, laying, sitting, standing, I awoke.
And left the Raft behind me, on the shore.

"Paradoxical though it may sound. There is a path to walk on, there is walking being done. But there is no traveller. There are deeds being done but there is no doer. There is a blowing in the air but there is no wind that does the blowing. The thought of Self is an error and all existences are as hollow as the plaintain tree and as empty as twirling water bubbles.

Therefore, oh Bhikkhus, as there is no self there is no transmigration of a Self; but there are deeds and the continued effects of deeds. There is a re-birth of Karma, there is re-incarnation. This Rebirth, this re-incarnation, this re-appearance of the conformed is continuous and depends upon the Law of Cause and Effect. Just as a seal is impressed upon the wax reproducing the configurations of it’s device, so the thoughts of men, their characters, their aspirations are impressed upon others in continuous transference and continue their Karma. Good deeds will continue in blessings while bad deeds will continue in curses.

There is no entity here that migrates, no Self is transferred from one place to another. But there is a voice uttered here and the echo of it comes back."

This month….

I have celebrated 5 years sober and ten years of Buddhist practice. On saturday i get to take my son out of the access center for a whole 3 hours…if his Mother brings him. Also i’ve come of incapacity benefit and feel ready to work..Otherwise life is lovely. I feel as if I am at a crossroads in my life, occupation-wise and I am pulled, variously by Gardening, Martial Art Instruction and My Degree…..Decisions, decisions….Love would be nice.
The Buddha said : There are five Meditations. The first meditation is the meditation of love in which thou must so adjust thy heart that thou longest for the weal and welfare of all beings, including the happiness of thine enemies.

The second meditation is the meditation of pity, in which thou thinkest of all lving beings in distress, vividly representing in thine imagination their sorrows and anxieties so as to arouse a deep compassion for them in thy soul.

The third meditation is the meditation of joy in which thou thinkest of the prosperity of others and rejoiceth with their rejoicings.

The fourth meditation in the meditation on impurity in which thou considers the evil consequences of corruption, the effects of wrongs and evils. How trivial are the pleasures of the moment and how fatal are it’s consequences.

The fifth meditation is the meditation on serenity in which thou riseth above love and hate, tyranny and thraldom, wealth and want and regardeth thine own fate with impartial calmness and perfect tranquility

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