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Apparently the pope is claiming the birth of Jesus as a "cognitive leap forward in the Theory of Evolution." And there was me thinking that the Catholic Church’s view was that the theory of Evolution was Heresy.

Jack and Court…

i am now allowed to take my son out for an hour whan i see him and in a couple of months I can take him out for the whole visit. by September I expect to have a whole day.

that means you never seem to stop loving them….over the last four weeks I have had contact with three of my exs. Now for two of them at least I have no feelings at all. So why does one, still drive me crazy ? Is it perhaps a lack of closure or possibly the desire for a non-destructive ending… or is it just un-finished business……This is a possibly a momentous part of my life. The problem is, have they changed. I know I have but for people not practising buddhism, the notion that one may need to change may never arise.

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