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Two young men stood arguing by a stream. One of the young men had made a raft, by hand and the other had been given a brand new boat by his father. The stood at the narrowest part of the stream and argued over the merits of their craft, who would and would not make it to the other side. Time passed and the river did not notice.

From the village meanwhile approached a young man who had no boat and walking to the broadest part of the river, where it is shallow, he waded straight in, swam accross and was soon lost from sight…………………..

Global Warning ?

I find the subject of global warning to be of interest, but from rather an obtuse aspect. Surely the prospect of the melting of the ice caps is not to be all bad…..
The melting of the permafrost and the migration of the tundra northwards will lead to astonishing results. Alaska will burst into flower. a sight never seen in our history. The raising of Sea levels will lead to the rebirth of ancient river systems, long since lifted above current sea levels by tectonics and subduction.

As Greece dis-appears into the med (Perhaps a victim of subduction like Atlantis ?) The Bahamas and tha Island chain of Hawaii are ever rising from the Ocean floors……Adapt or Die…But stop bottling water, stop filling central heating systems with water. Get rid of your 40 Gallon water-tank in your loft..The water needs to be IN the WATER-Cycle…..RANT RANT…( oh and water should be free, it falls from the Fucking Sky !)


Lara’s back in Town……’Gis a call……
Family court again yesterday. Jack’s mum has no objection to me seeing him. But I’m not to be allowed to take him out. Ho Hum….
With a name like that you’d imagine him to be funnier……..
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