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Ho Hum !

Been to Family Court again today. Jack’s mum is still opposing Parental Responsibility and has asked for contact to be reduced to once a month..The Access Center has reduced it’s opening times to once a month and because Jacks mum has opposed me seeing him outside of the Access Center,I won’t get to see him tomorrow…..Sorry Jack…..Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose !!

Last Saturday.

Saw Jack last saturday – I have him this weekend as well, because I can’t see him on my birthday – told me he loved me. Being only the second time my son has told me he loves me, this means a lot.
I was surprised my Estate was not on the news, during the Rains this week as loads of the really expensive houses were 3 foot deep in sewage……So, money it would appear can’t always keep you out of the shit!!

It is Wise to know…..

anicca – All is Im-permanent.Arising, abiding and falling away.
dukkha – That which is im-permanent, is Suffering.
Anatta – There is no abiding SELF.
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