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Gone !

I wonder if I’ll get to see my Son , THIS Father’s Day ?


Chop chop busy busy work work bang bang…
The World Health Organization is expressing concern after Chinese officials reported finding wild geese that died from the same flu strain of bird flu that has killed a number of people in other parts of Asia.

Chinese officials, speaking through the state media on Monday, said they had rushed three million doses of bird flu vaccine to Qinghai province in China’s far west.

Officials said scientists determined more than 150 migratory geese found dead had contracted the H5N1 flu virus, the same strain that has killed 54 people in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia over the past two years.

More than fifty people have been killed or injured in a car bomb blast in northern Baghdad.

The explosion hit a restaurant at lunchtime in the Iraqi capital. Local police say it is not yet clear how many people have died, but that 52 people were caught up in the blast.

Earlier, the commander of a new unit set up to fight insurgents in Iraq was shot dead.

Iraqi officials say Wael Rubaie, head of operations at the Ministry for National Security, and his driver were killed on their way to work in Baghdad.

Since a new government was announced in April, more the 500 people have been killed by insurgents in the city.

Eagle legs it !

A bald eagle with a six-foot wingspan has flown off during a display at a bird of prey sanctuary.

Police are warning members of the public not to approach 14-year-old Alaska if spotted.

The star attraction at the Eagle Heights Bird of Prey Centre in Dartford, Kent, was taking part in a show at noon on Sunday.

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