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Astronomy Today..

Yes, it is the Image of an Exoplanet

Astronomers Confirm the First Image of a Planet Outside of Our Solar System [1]

Among the most essential quests of modern astronomers, taking direct images of planets outside of our solar system is certainly up there among chart-toppers. Obtaining such images of a so-called exoplanet would enable scientists to study in detail the physical nature of the object and, in particular, to analyse the composition of its atmosphere. The astronomers’ ultimate goal is of course to perform such analysis for earth-sized planets, in the hope of detecting a telltale signature of extraterrestrial life.

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I am packing, books mostly and having thought that I had packed them all ( apart from 40 or 50 penguin classics in the Toilet) I made a cup of tea. On going to sit in my chair I spotted several small piles of books underneath my armchair, I thought to myself " How typical to think I had finished to find 17 unpacked books under my own chair."

And when I counted them, there were 17..

If we come to see universal law, to see the reality of The Middle Way `s perfect harmony, then contradictions and conflicts, dualities and struggles disappear. We see the great oneness of everything; and we can laugh wherever we go in this immense world of freedom, a world completely free from criticism and dissatisfaction.

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Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 16:58 JST:

AMAGASAKI — The death toll from Monday’s derailment of a JR commuter train in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture, rose to 107 Saturday afternoon, local police said.

A woman hospitalized with serious injuries from the accident died Saturday afternoon. (Kyodo News)

Elswhere in Japan-Today it is reported that stones have been found to have been deliberately placed on Railway lines at 5 Locations across the province.

KATHMANDU (Reuters) – Nepal’s king ended a state of emergency two days early, the Palace said on Saturday, but the sudden midnight proclamation does not reduce extraordinary powers he seized in February’s royal coup.

Constitutionally, the three-month state of emergency granting the military extra powers of search, arrest and curfew had to end or be formally extended by midnight on Sunday.

But King Gyanendra assumed most of those extra powers when he sacked the government, suspended democracy and took control himself on February 1 in a bid to end a long-running Maoist rebellion against the monarchy.

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