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Father group in new "superhero" protest
Mon Feb 28, 2005 01:58 PM GMT

LONDON (Reuters) – A fathers’ rights group which has already pelted Prime Minister Tony Blair and scaled Buckingham Palace, has staged a "superhero" protest near Blair’s Downing Street home.

Dressed as Batman, Robin and Captain America, the three men used a ladder on Monday to climb up the Foreign Office building onto a narrow ledge about 12 metres (30 feet) up on the corner of Downing Street. They did not breach security.

They unfurled a banner saying: "Access denied. Don’t let Labour stop you being a Superdad" as a crowd gathered below and police tried to talk them down.

Sudan I, Contaminants Working Group of 24-25 February 2005 – Conclusions of the European Commission.
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Jeff Raskin, the Apple developer responsible for the Macintosh computers, has passed away at age 61.

According to numerous reports, Raskin joined Apple in 1978 as employee number 31. He was an advocate for easier computer design and use, which spearheaded his desire to develop Macintosh computers. He was head of the Mac development team, which kicked-off in 82.

Japan’s space agency has announced the possibility of developing a shuttle-style space vehicle by 2025 and eventually constructing a manned Moon base – hot on the heels of last Saturday’s successful launch of a H-2A rocket carrying a navigation and meteorological satellite.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is once again talking big after the H-2A mission went some way to restoring faith in the country’s space programme. A November 2003 H-2A launch ended in humiliating failure when the rocket had to be destroyed shortly after launch. This fuelled criticism of Japan’s space ambitions originally ignited by two failures of the H-2A’s predecessor – the H-2 – during the 1990s, Reuters reports.

The life upon the river passes ,
Rich in it’s diversity.
I sit and take my lessons
At the Richmond University.

The wildlife and the visitors,
Resplendent in their summer dress,
Parade upon the riverside
and seek a cure for loneliness.

The river moves, it ebbs and flows,
It seeks an exit to the Sea.
I wonder what the river knows
and wonder if it knows of me.

Mother London, Father Thames,
Yin and yang, encircled, binding.
Little people, silly them,
Always seeking, never finding.

Carry me to somewhere peaceful,
Take me to Samsara’s shore.
River sanguine, still, deceitful,
Keep your secrets evermore.

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