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Co-proxamol Withdrawn…….

The withdrawal of Co-proxamol, which contains a methodone derivative, because it is involved in 5% of Uk suicides is lidicrous. Deal with the causes of Suicide….Morons!..This is like Barring the knife after the horse has cut it’s throat….
I have tried recently to explain Right thought and Right View and through explaining, had to make sure I knew, the correct explaination and the easiest examples…Right View is often translated as Right understanding. "Those who percieve the change-ful to be permanent,Suffering as Bliss,a Self in the selfless And those who see in the foul, the mark of Beauty- Such folk resort to Dsitorted Views.Mentally deranged, subject to illusions,Caught by Mara, not free from bonds, They are still far from the secure state.Such beings wander through the painful round and go, repeatedly from birth to death.But when the Buddhas appear in the world, The makers of light in the mass of darkness, they reveal the teaching, the noble Dhamma. That leads to the end of suffering.When people with wisdom listen to them, They at last regain their sanity.They see the impermanent as impermanent, and they see suffering just as suffering.They see the self-less as devoid of self, and in the foul they see the foul. By this acceptsnce of Right View, they overcome all Suffering…(IV,49 Anguttara Nikaya. The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha.) Right View .Nutshell.1′ Everything changes.2,You can’t buy, steal or borrow happiness.3,There is no part of you, that can be taken away , that is the self. Right thought Deals with the recognition of the relationship between thought and feelings and how observations of feelings.One is less likely to be rash who says "This is me experiencing anger." There is also, no karma associated with thought. Karma is acquired by acts of volition(WiLL).Similarly Words are not slander, slander is borne of intent.
Now Begins the preparation for the Final Confrontation…On Thursday and Friday I will be in Family Court to decide the future of my relationship with my son..So now I sit and sharpen "The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" and put my questions to bed and prepare myself for the onslaught of slander, abuse, diatribe and accusation I will face, even though I brought this action. "I’m just going outside, I may be, some time."..

Your’e a Star….

Evidence from a meteorite in Ningqiang, China, showing the existence of particles only present in Supernovae, seem to prove The Solar System was created in this way rather than through the condensing of gases as was previously thought.
The path of the Bodhisattva is for those who are brave and convinced of the powerful reality of the Buddha-nature which exists within themselves.The word Bodhisattva means " He who is brave enough to walk on the path of the bodhi." Bodhi means "awake" or "the awakened state". This is not to say that the bodhisattva must be already fully awake; but he is willing to walk the path of the awakend ones……This path consists of six transcendental activities which take place spontaneously.They are:Transcendental generosity,discipline, patience, energy, meditation and knowledge.These virtues are called the six paramitas, because param means "other side" or "shore""the other side of the river, " and ita means"arrived".Paramita means "arriving at the other side or shore,"which indicates that the activities of the bodhisattav must have the vision, the understanding which transcends the centralised notions of ego. The bodhisattva is not trying to be good or kind, but he is spontaneously compassionate..
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