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Astronomy today…..

Dione from ciclops..
2004 has not been an easy year, but hopefully my patience will be rewarded. another year sober!! but a year without my son…~I cannot forgive his mother totally, but I’m trying…..Happy New Year Jack, where-ever you are. I love you…Daddy……ps. Sarah Tobert stole my child…………..
The law on Habeas corpus states "The King is at all times entitled to have an account, why the liberty of any of his subjects is restrained, wherever that restraint may be inflicted." I have asked my Solicitor if we can use this to get Jack’s mum to come to court and explain herself………Keeping my son from me impugns his civil liberties (free association and free assembly) and contravenes his rights to maintain his family circle without let or hindrance…………. .
Habeas corpus is the principal means under the common law for the protection of personal liberty. By this ancient writ, the court assumes control over the body of a prisoner so it can discharge him or her to freedom if no proper legal cause can be shown for detention. Habeas corpus secures release from any form of custody, whether decreed by the highest powers of the state or the lowest gangland slave-trader. Its reach is as diverse as the forms of confinement. For just two examples beyond the prison wall, a patient wrongly detained for compulsory medical treatment can invoke its protection and it can even be deployed to determine the proper parental custody of a child.
( oxford university press…)
But, we had to pierce her ear so the kids could watch telly……..(HERE’S ANOTHER FAT BIRD OR 2….)
I may be totally wrong, but I’m a fool…Yeah!…….
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