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Bloody Christians!

As a child I watched my abusive adoptive ‘mother’ eaten alive by cancer, .
And as a child I knew there was no god. Or that god had no interest in human happiness and I stopped asking for things from god, or the Cuntservatives. open your hearts at xmas, for syria, for palestine, for ukraine, for tibet. NOT FOR OIL!

Falsely accused..




but we ain’t gonna says nazi pope… We didn’t want the fucking jews and I am fucked if we will help the syrians.. says pope kiddy-fiddler 111


You don’t need to give loads of shit to zimbabwe to save animals, just stop your people eating tigers you cunts…

Facebook: no nudity/ race hate on my account, but BRITAIN FIRST can have a page…


You CUNTS… check the info before you piss customers off…




where, i will sue your fucking arse off..


fuck off trump…

have a shi’ite day….


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