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She must be a stupid old slag said lots of men. who failed to bed her or beat her in an election..Revelations about Rachida Dati’s busy love life have emerged in a row about the paternity of the 47-year-old’s daughter. Multi-millionaire businessman Dominique Desseigne is refusing to take a DNA test.

Source: French female justice minister Rachida Dati ‘had eight boyfriends when she fell pregnant with love child’ | Daily Mail Online

Born to North African parents, Rachida Dati has risen to become one of the most high profile, yet controversial, female politicians in France.

Source: 100 Women 2016: Rachida Dati on why powerful women have betrayed the poor – BBC News

Hell hath no fury!

I must admit to finding you to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. When you were born, I took you to the window and holding you before the full-moon, I spoke to my mother and said ‘I have produced this, after you told me I was useless and no-one will ever love me.. This is my Son in whom I am well proud!

They are not Victims. They are the sick, the un-fit and as long as we let the fat old men tell us we need to keep them alive, more of your daughters will die.. Most CANCERS are carried by women, why are we spending BILLIONS of £’s to keep them alive, the people who will infect your children… Cancerous Women breed Cancerous Children! I do not want to know my children will die just because we kept her mother alive! Would any Mother? Let them die, make them comfortable, stop them having children, the selfish cunts!

If this is true, how long until every child born in the UK is infected with Cancer? We do not allow people with HIV to infect others, however we waste millions of £’s every year keeping the cancerous alive to have more children! Why? If you love god so much go and meet him..

Let the Cancerous Die, before we have no children born without the cancer gene..

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