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No-one has ever seen me outside this country. I have no birth certificate, no driving licence and no passport. For my last contract I was paid with one ‘flowing hair’ silver dollar. Approximately 10 million dollars, I kept it, I didn’t need the money… If you’d like to see it, I will post a photo if I can be arsed.

Any understanding of irony or rhetoric.

If twitter thinks I am an 11th century crusader, who wants to kill Muslims, what have I been doing all this time?

For saying if I was running a crusade, I could kill you 5 times a day.
Not that I am in charge of an 11th century crusade but if I were, I would definitely attack when they were praying!

If you insist on coming to the UK. I will endeavour to fulfill my contract to assassinate you.
No offence, it is just business!
As the head of Ye Guild of Assassins, I have been paid, one flowing-haired silver dollar. And @ $10 million I can hardly refuse. Good luck!

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