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No-one has ever seen me outside this country. I have no birth certificate, no driving licence and no passport. For my last contract I was paid with one ‘flowing hair’ silver dollar. Approximately 10 million dollars, I kept it, I didn’t need the money… If you’d like to see it, I will post a photo if I can be arsed.

Sybil: 521984.

Fembot, Sara…

The feminine of robot is fembot.

You have this life, you twist and abuse it
Morals and money and media controls it
Can’t you see the dead children, blood in the street?
Every fist that you raise is a corpse at your feet
Every time you are bought, I don’t care the amount
You are the rapist, dealing in death count
And you do this with mercenary morals, you shit
Oh, you’ve been told about dignity down in the pit
Respectable working man, honourable wife?
A waste of energy and an insult to life

For saying white people are stupid, despite, being white…

Trump is FUCKED!

Ha ha…

Today I read an email saying my router had been hacked, they had pictures of me masturbating and would send them to all of my contacts!
Good, at least they will know I am alive and can still get it up!

FYI: I do not have a router!

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