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I love you very much… But, your mother is a splinter in my mind……

There is no place in a family for a dog that just bites.

She woke..


She left the couch like a cheetah leaving a tree.

Muscle uncoiled over bone.

Kitchen, toast, eggs..

She sat, like a cat, in the crowd, oblivious!

And the men reacted with their glans.

She was appealing, of course she was!

She was designed that way..


Happy Father’s Day.

If you keep your children from their Father out of resentment….. God sees you…..

Not the god in the sky, the god in your heart…..

some of us were pricks and some of us were vyvyans…. I am not dead.

Yet give me back my heart and eyes,

that I may see and know thy lies.

That I can languish.

when thou art anguished,

by him who’se false

as thou art now..


Before the ‘world police’ fiasco told you that you were too mercenary to hold the world under sway’


I support free speech… especially under ‘communists’…


Alexander Morozov, of RT..russian telelvision has accused me of being a nazi, surely that is russia’s position, not mine.. I am not secretly unstabilising Ukraine and the Crimea..

one of us is a cock…


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