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Around the Mediterranean

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While there is much evidence in the LinA texts and the Minoan culture for the Minoan/Japanese association, evidence beyond the shores of Crete continues to present itself in support of early Japanese presence.  This post supplements Beyond the Mediterranean with evidence about bronze-aged and post-bronze-aged Mediterranean culture, as it relates to Japanese culture.


Mekku Stones

Mekku Stones

More than 100 of these 15-cm cobalt-colored glass ingots were recovered from the shipwreck of a trading vessel near Ulu Burun, Turkey [Fawcett & Zietsman 2000:8]. Dated to the 14th century BCE, they are presumed to be identical to the “mekku stones” that are mentioned in the bronze-aged Egyptian letters of trade [Bass 1987], which are known as the Amarna letters [Brass 1999; Fawcett & Zietsmann 2000:8] and which indicate that mekku stones originated west of Lower Egypt, along the Canaanite coast ["Canaanite"].  Moreover, through chemical analysis, the ingots have a…

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I hate you so much right now!


I hate you so much right now!

asking if it is okay to come in for a drink.and the barman says ‘ as long as you ain’t a jew or a nigger, you’re welcome here..

why should a man….

be made to seek joy in anything other than his child?

If you like what you see….

Generate a Bitcoin for me…

Dear ‘Ras’ Putin.

those who live like the czar, die like the czar….

war is easy. It is peace that is hard.


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